NicoleI’m responsible for organising appointments and sending out the pilots their 45 day reminders for their next medical appointment for Class 1,Class 2 and LAPL medicals.  I also check the emails, keeping on top of medical notes and a whole host of other enquiries.

I’m meeting different people whether pilots, cabin crew and other clients from various backgrounds. We ensure we give them excellent service in a comfortable environment. I’m learning new aspects of the job in many ways, which makes it all the more interesting and varied.

I can say without a doubt that Dr Ranger is professional yet fun and cheerful person to work for. There is never a dull moment during the time I work for him. My job is thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying at Windmill Aviation Services.

I’ve been extremely lucky to have various opportunities flying one way or another and would like to experience more. I had the chance to sit inside a Stampe, a flying lesson in a TB10 and complete the Loop de Loop over the beautiful Kent coast, stunning scenery in the open air, one of the best moments of my life.

In April 2016, I completed a wing walk, it was a challenge standing strapped on top of the bi-plane in an unusually cold climate for the time of year. The weather was the main challenge for me. It was well worth it, I was spurred on by my friends and family who helped me raise £1,000 for MS.







Cholesterol test now available, cost £17.50 - please request with your medical - Submit your plane to feature on our pilots section