Other Flying Related Medicals

In the world of aviation, pilots would certainly acknowledge themselves that without support services they could not function.

Some of these services involve a medical and, over the years l have been involved in many of these even though some have now disappeared and are rarely required.

One of these is the engineer (on board). Common in days of, for example and fairly recently the 747-200, they are rarely on the flight deck although a few still function in this role. Differences mainly involve validities and forms. I still have a good supply of these.

Engineers now work, of course, on the ground and a few are required by their airline to partially power the engines and, in a few cases, actually taxi the plane to test various parameters. These, ‘Run up and Taxi’ medicals have certain requirements which l am familiar with and would be happy to perform.

Engineers and technicians working underground or in small spaces may require a ‘Confined Space Medical’ and de-icers an ‘Airside Driving Medical’ covered in another article.

For more information or to book an appointment please contact Philip Ranger on his mobile (07740 868749) or alternatively phone Redhill (open Tuesdays & Thursdays but can leave message) on 01737 823 550. You can also book online below:

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If you are a new patient please remember your photo ID. All pilots should bring details of any medical issues since your last medical.


Cholesterol test now available, cost £17.50 - please request with your medical - Submit your plane to feature on our pilots section