Comprehensive Medicals

The reasoning behind comprehensive medicals is that they should be just that. Looking at all aspects of an examinees life and wellbeing, it is obviously sensible to concentrate on conditions which are more common for their age and sex.

At present, l perform a verbal history although l plan to construct a questionnaire which can be completed in the office or even at home before attending.

The medical itself would routinely follow all normal examination procedures but with greater concentration on weight, abdominal girth and other parameters of this sort. By discussion, investigations such as audiograms, ECG, finger prick testing, breathing tests and full blood testing can be performed though they would be specifically recommended if any minor defects are found on physical examination.

After the examination a full report would be prepared highlighting abnormalities and making recommendations for the future.

For more information or to book an appointment please contact Philip Ranger on his mobile (07740 868749) or alternatively phone Redhill (open Tuesdays & Thursdays but can leave message) on 01737 823 550. You can also book online below:

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If you are a new patient please remember your photo ID. All pilots should bring details of any medical issues since your last medical.


Cholesterol test now available, cost £17.50 - please request with your medical - Submit your plane to feature on our pilots section