Cabin Crew Medicals

The Cabin Crew medical is a thorough but reasonable check of health and fitness to work in what can be a hard environment.

The medical takes around 30 – 45 minutes and you should bring glasses or contact lenses (preferably out when you come, as l must measure vision without anything) A urine sample is required and a chaperone is available if you wish.

Your first task is to accurately complete the application form. All conditions, past and present must be declared as missing out details invalidates the result.

My assistant or I perform an audiogram where your hearing is tested using headphones in a quiet room. I am aware that some companies do not do this but it is in the regulations and l feel it is an important aspect of the check.

After a careful review of the application form and time for questions l check your near and distant vision with all types of correction if applicable.

After measuring your height and weight I perform a general examination of: cardiovascular system (pulse, blood pressure and heart sounds). lungs abdomen power and nervous system. I do not perform breast or do an internal unless vital and always with a chaperone for this.

If you are interested in reading the full requirements the link is:

For more information or to book an appointment please contact Philip Ranger on his mobile (07740 868749) or alternatively phone Redhill (open Tuesdays & Thursdays but can leave message) on 01737 823 550. You can also book online below:

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If you are a new patient please remember your photo ID. All pilots should bring details of any medical issues since your last medical.


Cholesterol test now available, cost £17.50 - please request with your medical - Submit your plane to feature on our pilots section